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Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior
Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior
Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior
Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior
Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior Accomodation Baia Sprie Hotel Hotel Suior
Hotel Suior   Visits 40041
CityBaia Sprie
Addressnr.121, Baia Sprie
Website Click Here
Facilities -Bathroom with shower
-Tv Cable
-Internet connection
-Currency Exchange
Credit Cards visa , mastercard ,
Price Single155 RON
Price Double220 RON
Price Matrimonial220 RON
Price Apartment290 RON

Details of accommodation unit
We offer our guests a whole range of services at the two locations of our complex, i.e. SUIOR BAZA (SUIOR BASE) and SUIOR COTA 1000 (SUIOR ELEVATION 1000) which are connected by the SUIOR SKI SLOPES. SPECIAL OFFERS Whatever the season, whenever you decide to visit us these places will have a certain magic and a special charm, and you will surely find yourselves in the midst of pure nature and dream-like surroundings. SUIOR BAZA (SUIOR BASE) Coming in through the typical Maramures gate, a symbol of local folk art and architecture, you will leave behind all your worries and stress. The names of the three mini-hotels, i.e. Iza, Mara and Ignis, are reminders of the utmost symbols of the land of Maramures, which the inhabitants of this region cherish and worship as their dearest ones. ACCOMMODATION The feeling of tranquility given by the specific climate typical for the altitude of 688 m will accompany all our guests in the 53 rooms of the mini-hotels – 7 single rooms, 24 two-bedded rooms, 14 rooms with matrimonial beds and 8 very large suites – that can accommodate a total of 99 guests. All the rooms are equipped with elegant furniture, minibars, colour television sets, satellite television, telephones, hair dryers and shower cabins. The pleasant atmosphere, the modern and elegant style, together with this unique natural environment, will make your holiday unforgettable. FACILITIES THE RESTAURANT With the same modern style, our restaurant, that can seat 120 people, serves both typical Maramures dishes as well as Romanian and international cuisine. We can serve menus to any guest’s taste and refined cocktails, and we can organize dinners, receptions or official suppers. Besides, we can offer over 30 types of wine. All these, together with a service beyond any reproach, will turn any meal you take in our restaurant into a really enjoyable experience. Situated in the western part of the complex, the terrace has 40 seats and offers our tourists the opportunity of enjoying the special scenery that surrounds the complex and watching superb sunsets. The brasserie, which can seat 100 people, has a bar and is the ideal place for our guests to get acquainted to each other. In winter both our guests and the other skiers can take here hot drinks and renew their strength for new descents on the piste. THE CONFERENCE HALL The international-standard conference hall which can seat 80 people is equipped with air conditioning, sound system, fixed microphones, a system for simultaneous interpretation for 2 languages, overhead projector, projecting screen, flipchart, and audio and video devices. THE RELAXATION CENTRE This provides our guests with a large variety of services to help them spend their free time more pleasantly: • sauna • jacuzzi • tanning booth • massage • fitness hall • billiard • table tennis • darts SPORT Our guests will be provided with all the facilities required for practicing both summer and winter sports. The following facilities can be used: • sport courts where they can play soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis – both on hard and clay courts; • a paint ball field located right next to the complex, as well as the equipment required for this sport. The children’s park This is located in the courtyard of the complex and is meant for children’s entertainment. It includes a rubber game with a length of 21 m and the width of 5 m, including a slide, aclimbing wall with obstacles, and swings. The children are looked after as long as there are children in the park. THE PISTES The 3600 m medium-difficulty pistes lie in the western part of the complex. They offer the winter sport fans the opportunity of practicing these sports in excellent conditions. The pistes. SUIOR COTA 1000 (SUIOR ELEVATION 1000) As you go up from the valley to the top you will notice two of the natural elements that have always defined the land of Maramures, the wood and the water, and you will find a place where tradition, hospitality and beauty have mingled together and where you can breathe and live in the rhythm of nature. ACCOMMODATION This is a place privileged by nature itself, surrounded by mountains covered with beech forests, where you can spend unforgettable moments at one of our three tourist chalets, called Gutai, Tibles si Pietrosu, which were named after three well-known Maramures mountains. Here the rustic decorations will help you escape the artificiality of the modern world. It is a style that invigorates and inspires any guest to transcend to a mental level beyond the earthly world. Each chalet has 5 rooms with matrimonial beds and a large lounge room for relaxation. In each room you will find rustic furniture, a minibar, a colour TV set, satellite television and a shower cabin. The rusticity of the atmosphere brings nature closer and has a peaceful, relaxing effect. FACILITIES THE RESTAURANT The SUIOR COTA 1000 restaurant is built and decorated in the same rustic style and has a local specificity. It has 100 seats indoors, 40 seats on the covered terrace and 60 seats on the pier located on the lake which lies in the middle of the location, where you can enjoy the breeze and the warmth of the sunshine and watch the spectacular stars. The various dishes served here in rustic pottery, both inside the restaurant and on the terrace or the pier, belong to the traditional Romanian cuisine. Around a bonfire our guests can enjoy the traditional layered cheese corn porridge, the stuffed cabbage leaves with smoked pork leg, the traditional Maramures brandy, the wine served from jugs or barbecued foods. The originality of the rustic decorations, the furniture and the rural details, together with the waiters’ folk costumes confer this place harmony and style as the guests are served the foods and fine wines on a hot summer day or on a cool evening in a Romanian traditional style.
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